eddie eagle

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If you’re anything like us, you grew up dreaming big for yourself—some easily achieved dreams, and some… well… not so much. Eddie “The Eagle” Edwards was one of those kids who had an extra big dream: to become an Olympic ski jumper. What he lacked in moral support, experience and skill, he made up for in determination, and that was enough to get him to the 1988 Olympics. His story has inspired audiences near and far since then, so it was only natural that Fox create a movie based on Eddie’s story, starring the handsome Taron Egerton and Hugh Jackman! We recently sat down with Taron and director Dexter Fletcher to get the inside scoop. Here’s the breakdown…

Taron was not upset about his character’s less-than-fit body type!

Taron: Dexter told me early on that he wanted Eddie to look like an unlikely hero, an unlikely athlete, and told me not to spend any time in the gym. I immediately made a fist bump and punched the air and thought, “Great!”

There’s a fine line between praise and mockery.

Taron: We don’t shy away from the fact that he’s an unlikely hero— he looks a bit silly— but I feel and I hope that the audience feels that the heart of it is that he was someone who was incredibly, incredibly passionate. 

Dexter: What you get when you watch the film is how much heart and determination Taron brings to Eddie. We admire that determination and relentlessness. 

Working with Hugh Jackman = bucket list material for Taron.

D: Taron very much wanted to impress Hugh. And Hugh was impressed. 

T: [The end credits song]  was me being backed up by Hugh—which is  huge source of pride for me.

Speaking of dreams and goals… Taron had his own.

T: I started the movie… with the intention of making Hugh Jackman laugh on camera whenever I could, to sabotage his career. It was quite a fun game. 

The inspiration is real.

T: I think we live in a culture where we put so much emphasis on being the best, being the utmost you can be, which, of course, is a great idea. But we put people on a pedestal and we live in a celebrity culture and when someone comes along who isn’t the best, but has such determination and passion, I think people connect with that. 


And the best part of the movie? Taron nervously watched the film for the first time right next to real-life Eddie, who loved it!