HALO Effect

Happy Earth Day! In honor of the big day, Nickelodeon’s The HALO Effect is airing an eco-friendly episode honoring a fiercely philanthropic sweetheart giving back to the planet. The HALO Effect, a monthly show highlighting teens who help and lead others in their community, will feature Allie Boyer, a high school senior in California who’s raising funds for the rehabilitation of orphaned or displaced orangutans in a genius way… through purses!

Allie’s love for orangutans began at an early age, and her organization, Purses for Primates, brings awareness to their endangerment and the deforestation that’s causing it. Through Purses for Primates, Allie and other participants collect gently used purses to resell at fundraisers, and  that money is then donated to Orangutan Outreach. The organization has raised over $27,000, and Purses for Primates is responsible for sending many rehabilitated orangutans back to a protected rain forest!

Allie Boyer

Don’t miss this special Earth Day episode premiering tonight at 8:30 p.m. EST on Nickelodeon, and check out a sneak preview here!