Need a break from your frantic Friday? Check out the latest music video from cutie Dylan Bernard for his single “Flames.” The über talented 21-year-old singer takes us on a roller coaster with this emotional track, and he even shares some secrets about how his life inspires his music. “The song itself was written about a real life experience,” Dylan says. “The relationship I was in was not working out, and as difficult as it was, I knew that we had to end it before things got worse.”

Dylan is totally skilled in making us feel all the feelings, but he also had a hand in bringing “Flames” to life on camera. “My favorite scene to shoot would have to be the mirror scene while the piano was playing by itself,” he recalls. “I remember thinking, ‘my vision really is coming true right before my eyes.’ Just having all of the elements come together just the way I had pictured it made it so much easier for me to channel my emotions and create something I’ll never forget.”

And when can we expect more from this crushworthy musician? “You can definitely look forward to more music and more music videos. I am finishing up my debut EP, which should be out in early 2017 if everything goes accordingly,” he tells us. “I would love to film music videos for the entirety of the EP, so let’s see what happens.” We’ll be waiting, Dylan!