“Why” was released on July 7, and it’s not a day too soon!

Recently in Vancouver, British Columbia, one of our fave blonde beauties gave the first-ever live performance of her new single to kick off her tour! Sabrina Carpenter’s new song “Why” asks a question we are all forced to face every single day. The song tells the story of a couple who couldn’t be more different: she’s into music, he’s not so much, she’s always cold, he’s runs on the warm side, she’s more introverted, he’s a social butterfly (you get the picture). Despite their never-ending list of differences, this guy and girl are perfect for each other. Sabrina had to wonder why.

When asked about the inspiration behind the song, Sabrina said, “’Why’ is a question we seem to pose daily, so there are multiple meanings within the song that are up to interpretation. We don’t necessarily need to be the same, to love the same. Sometimes differences can hold us together and I think that’s a beautiful sentiment to how we deal with divergence and how it can furthermore prove our compatibility. In the end, we don’t really need to know ‘why’ if we are confident in our own emotions.”

With its tech-pop vibe and up tempo, yet somehow still chill and relaxed, beat, you’ll be hooked on this new summer anthem within the first few bars. Give a listen to the lyric video below! We can bet you’ll put it on repeat!