Asking your date to prom can be daunting. Back in the day it was simple: the guy asked the girl, and off they went. But these days scoring a date for prom can be quite the production. It’s becoming more common for the girl to ask the guy, and the pressure to be unique and creative with your promposal is on the rise.

So what is the perfect promposal? We’ve heard of everything from romantic helicopter rides ($$$) to spelling out “Prom?” in rose petals ($$) to making a heart-shaped pizza ($). We decided to ask Jake & Logan Paul, Jordyn Jones, Alissa Violet, Forever In Your Mind, Emblem3, Saxon Sharbino, Josh Levi, Paris Smith, New District, Sophie Reynolds, Aiden Alexander and other stars about their dream promposal. Check out the video above to see how these celebs are all over the map when it comes to popping the (prom) question!

Ideas with Food

Prom donut   Prom cookies


Ideas Involving Sports

Prom basketball   Prom lacrosse


Ideas with Flowers

Prom flowers with scrabble   Prom flowers with bracelet


Crafty Ideas

Prom lego   Prom t shirt


Other Creative Ideas

Prom post it   Prom Rose Petals


Want something even more elaborate? Check out some over-the-top ideas here!

The ultimate promposal is the one that your potential date would like and that comes from the heart! It doesn’t have to be fancy or cost a lot of money. The most important thing is to make your date feel special. Happy prom season!