What do you get when you pair the stunning Dove Cameron with the crushworthy Ryan McCartan? Not only do you get one adorable couple, but you also get a musical duo, The Girl and the Dreamcatcher! We sat down with Dove Cameron and Ryan McCartan to talk about their upcoming EP Negatives and to find out more about the musical inspiration behind The Girl and the Dreamcatcher. Our main takeaway? These two have poured in their hearts, their talents and their stories into six amazing songs for their fans. Each song tells a special story, and when you add their killer vocals and harmonies, we know The Girl and The Dreamcatcher’s new EP is going to be incredible! Plus, with music videos in the works, more songs on the way and live performances to come, we know this is just the beginning for these two. Check out the video with Dove and Ryan above to get the scoop on Negatives, their writing process and how their relationship influences the music!

Of course, since we had some time with this dreamy couple, we had to play a quick round of a game we like to call “Dove or Ryan?” See the fun and find out their answers in the video below! Spoiler alert: some of the answers MAY surprise you!

All in all, we seriously can’t get enough of these two! Stay tuned for more The Girl and The Dreamcatcher in our October/November issue, be sure to get their EP on 7/29 (you can pre-order it now), and be on the lookout for more music videos and performances coming soon!