cat eye

We can’t get enough of the always classy, but a little bit sassy double-winged cat eye, so we’re sharing the tips of the trade! Check them out and get started, but just remember… practice makes perfect!

1. Begin by focusing on one eye with that eye open. Follow the lower lash line up and put a dot with pencil liner. Match dot on opposite eye. Be sure both dots are even.

cat eye1

2. With liquid liner, draw line from dot to the top lash line.

cat eye2

cat eye3

3. Continue line from the outside to the inside lash line. Do the same on both eyes.

cat eye4

4. Thicken the line to your liking… just be sure it’s even on both sides!

cat eye5

cat eye6

5. Using a pencil, mark a second dot directly below the tip of your first wing.

cat eye7

6. Draw a straight line from dot to outer corner of your lower lash line. Bring the line in no more than halfway across your lash line. Repeat on the opposite eye, making sure your lines are even.

cat eye8

Voila! Your makeup routine just got a lot more interesting.