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Creating a space that feels like home can be a challenge when you’re hundreds of miles away at college! So for some tips on how you really can have a home away from home, we reached out to Justine readers who are living the college life across the country.

“It’s important to feel comfortable in your new space since it will be your home for a year.”

“My personality is girly and fun, so I included my favorite colors, pink and green, and added fun accents like the ruffled diamond pillow on my bed.”

“I made sure I included one of my favorite quotes on the wall above my bed, ‘If You Are Confident, You Are Beautiful.’ It is a good reminder that being confident in yourself is extremely important, not only in college, but throughout your life as well.”

Dorm roundup1

Be sure to take these along:

• Bed risers or cement blocks to create storage space under the bed
• Stackable plastic crates for shoes, accessories, makeup
• Cheap plastic hooks to hang on closet door for bathrobe or jacket
• Metal towel holder for the back of your door

Make the walls your canvas.
• Posters and photo collages make great wall decorations.
• Frames are essential for holding photos of old and new friends.
• Magnets are useful to display reminders and keep papers organized.
• Dry erase boards come in handy for communicating with friends.

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