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August is here and that means that incoming college freshmen all over the country are frantically shopping, trying to get together everything they will need for school, including dorm accessories. We consulted our experts (two Justine interns who just completed their freshman year!). Here’s their list of dorm necessities that you won’t be able to live without.

Beanbag/futon/comfortable chair You’ll want a place to sit where you can just chill out and watch TV. Talk to your roommate and figure out if you want a couch or futon, or if you both just want to bring chairs. These will give guests a comfy seat when they come hang out in your room.

dorm checklist comfy chair
Target $40

Fan The first part of fall semester can be hot, and you work up quite a sweat walking to and from class. So get a floor or desk fan that you can park yourself in front of when you get back to your room. A lot of dorm rooms have their own heating/cooling unit, but you might disagree with your roommate on the thermostat setting. A nice fan will help you stay cool without bothering your roomie.

dorm checklist lasko fan
Bed Bath & Beyond $25

Microwave and mini fridge Some dorms come with these already, but if yours doesn’t you should seriously consider getting your own. Some days you might not feel like leaving your room to eat dinner, and it’s nice to be able to warm up something in your room. Keep bottled water and other drinks in the fridge, as well as some fruit for a healthy snack.

dorm checklist mini fridge
PB Teen $200

Comfortable mattress pad Dorm mattresses are thin, and not the most comfortable in the world. Add a cushy mattress pad to soften the blow, so to speak. (Tip: buy extra long twin sheets if you’re planning on using a thicker mattress pad because regular twin sheets might not fit.)

dorm checklist matress pad
Bed Bath & Beyond $45

Fun robe/shower shoes/shower caddy For communal bathrooms, you’ll be hauling your things to and from the shower every day. Having a shower caddy will make it easier to move them, plus they come in lots of fun colors. Also, get a fluffy robe to wear to and from the bathroom, and shower shoes to protect your feet from icky bacteria in the showers.

dorm checklist robe
Kohl’s $26

Picture collage Bring something to remind yourself of home and make your room feel more like your own. Decorate with pictures of your friends and family, but be sure to leave room for all the new friends you’ll make!

dorm checklist collage frame
Target $35

Storage ottoman A place to put your feet up plus a place to keep your hair dryer? We’re sold! Storage ottomans are sold at nearly every department store and come in a variety of sizes and colors.

dorm checklist ottoman
Target $70

Big pillows Your bed is going to be your favorite spot in your room, so make it as comfortable as possible. Stack up with pillows and blankets so that your space makes you feel at home.
dorm checklist big pillow
Pier1 $24