dont get burned_1

Ouch! Already get a sunburn during your three-day-weekend festivities? Better read this advice from the experts at the American Academy of Dermatology on how to nurse your skin back to health.

1. Take frequent cool baths or showers to help relieve the pain. As soon as you get out of the shower, pat yourself dry rather than rubbing the heavy towel on your skin, but don’t pat it completely dry. Apply a moisturizer to help trap the water in your skin and ease the dryness.

2. Make sure your moisturizer contains aloe vera or soy.These will help soothe your skin more than a perfumy lotion. Stay away from “-caine” products (such as benzocaine), as these may cause irritation or an allergic reaction! Remember, if an area is particularly uncomfortable, you can apply hydrocortisone.

3. Topical treatment isn’t the only way out. In addition, you can always take aspirin or ibuprofen to help reduce swelling, redness and discomfort.

4. Drink extra water. A sunburn draws fluid to the skin’s surface and away from the rest of the body, so drink extra to prevent dehydration!

5. Allow the blisters to heal. Blistering skin means a second-degree burn, so if you are blistered, do not pop them. They form to help your skin heal and protect from infection.

6. Protect skin as it heals. You may be tempted to wear as little clothing as possible, so as not to touch the irritated skin, but it’s important to wear clothing that covers your skin when outdoors. Tightly-woven fabrics work best. When you hold the fabric up to a bright light, you shoudn’t see any light coming through.