The cozy fleece poncho in the Oct/Nov issue of Justine is the perfect thing to snuggle up in on cool autumn days. Make your own easy, no-sew creation and Instagram us a photo!

• 1 yard of fabric (Abby chose fleece in a native print. Wool would work well, too.)
• Scissors (note: Don’t use the ones you use every day to cut paper and anything else! Go ahead and get a new pair of scissors and use them only to cut fabric. Good scissors make good cuts and that’s what this project is all about.)
• Ruler
• Masking tape


1. Fold fabric diagonally. Trim any excess fabric, leaving a large triangle.


2. Fold triangle again so that it is four layers thick.

3. Using scissors make a six-inch slit at the peak of the triangle on the side that has a single fold. (You will be cutting through two layers of fabric.)


4. Unfold fabric back to original large triangle.


5. Decide how long you want fringe to be (Abby’s poncho has four-inch fringe). Use ruler and tape to mark the length of the fringe starting at the widest parts of the triangle and tapering to shorter fringe as you near the corners.


6. With fabric still folded into large triangle, cut fringe. (Again, you’ll cut through two layers of fabric.)


7. Remove tape and it’s ready to wear!