sock diy1

Whether you’re trying to spice up your uniform or just add a little something special to your everyday outfit, you can be sure you’re stepping out in style with this glammed-up sock DIY. Get started now on a statement piece that’s unexpected in all the right ways!


  • 1 pair of plain socks
  • 1 hot glue gun
  • 1 piece of card stock paper cut to the width of the sock
  • assorted gems and sequins


1. Make sure the paper is narrow enough to fit inside the sock and long enough to reach from the foot of the sock to the top. Slip it in to keep the glue from seeping through and accidentally gluing the sock shut.

sock2. Place the gems and sequins where you want them to go. Planning out your unique design makes the gluing process much easier.

sock43. Hot glue the gems in place. Be careful not to burn yourself, and remember…a little glue goes a long way!

You’re done! Pair these socks with a classic black heel for a sophisticated look, or go funky and rock them with brightly colored sneakers.