We’re feeling serious retro vibes with Disney’s recent revival of a true 90’s classic, the star-studded Mickey Mouse Club, the show responsible for the early careers of pop superstars Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Ryan Gosling and more. Well, Disney is re-imagining this 90’s hit with a brand new revival, dubbed Club Mickey Mouse, which is being presented as an online revamp of the original show.

Club Mickey Mouse will air for seven weeks on Facebook and Instagram, and the show will feature a whole new batch of talent on track to become superstars. The eight new Mouseketeers have a crazy range of talent, and we can’t wait to see what this new group has in store for us in terms of dancing, comedy and singing!

Get to know the new cast below, and don’t miss our on-set interviews above!



Brianna on performing: “I tend to be on the shy side, so for me, [being on stage] is that one place that I can truly be myself without worrying about anybody else. I’m just confident.”



Gabe on his message to the fans: “I want people to know that it’s okay to do what you love. No one else should be telling you how to live your life or what to do or what to love. You should stick to your dream and follow it.”



Jenna on her favorite Disney character: “Rapunzel from Tangled because she’s so bubbly and I love her personality.”



Ky on Americans: “They’re very loud! Australians are very chill, but the rest of this group is very loud, very hype!”



Leanne on getting the call to be a Mouseketeer: “I remember getting a call from my mom, and I didn’t really believe her. When we went the first day to start filming, that’s when I really understood.”



Regan on singing vs. dancing: “I’m the rapper of the whole bunch, so rapping is definitely what I love to do. I do sing and dance, but rapping is really what I focus on.”



Sean on his favorite veteran cast member: “Ryan Gosling is crazy talented in his own right. I love that he’s an incredibly hard worker. Also, I love Justin Timberlake in the way that he’s a great business man and a clever guy.”



Will on the magic of Disney: “Disney magic means I can do anything I want. It means that I believe in who I am, that I can reach for the stars.”