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YouTube channel with more than a million followers? Check. Clothing line at Aeropostale? Check. An entourage of loyal Motavators? Check. Is it any surprise that Bethany Mota is sharing her latest project—a home line for Aeropostale? The answer is no. The upbeat designer sweetheart is wowing us yet again with her creativity and impeccable sense of style. See what Bethany had to say when we asked the multi-talented YouTuber about her most recent design endeavor.

What differences did you find between designing this home line and designing your fashion line?
“It definitely felt like a different process, I mean, obviously, because I was thinking about what I want to go on a nightstand instead of what I want on a tee shirt or a skirt, so that’s obviously the difference, but I would say I went with a kind of different style. I wanted to go for somewhat of a bohemian vibe, which I don’t do so much in my clothing line. It’s cool for me to express that in the bedroom stuff.”

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If you had to describe your line in one word, what would it be?
“One word… ummm… oh my gosh, that’s hard! I would probably say free spirited… if we can call that one word? I just love things in my room that are slightly bohemian and laid back. I have dragonfly lights in my room and a lot of outdoorsy, but comfy, things.”

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How would you say your own style has evolved since you started your own home and clothing lines?
“I think that I’ve figured out my style a little bit more. My style changes a lot, especially if you look at what I’m wearing now compared to five years ago, it’s completely different! Back then I was always wearing what was on trend, whereas now I like to take a little inspiration from what’s trending and mix it into my personal style. My personal style is a combination between girly and a little bit of edgy. I’ll add the slightest bit of edge to an outfit, whether it’s a leather jacket or something that has spikes on it, and pair it with a skirt. And I’m definitely continuing to kind of put that into my home line and clothing line.”

Have you checked out Beth’s new room designs? What are your favorite pieces? We love them all!