We’re taking a tried-and-true perennial favorite (the denim jacket) and pairing it with the season’s hottest silhouette (the peplum) to create one super-cute peplum vest. All you need is to in-vest a little of your time to craft an ah-dorable look that is right on trend!

– Denim jacket (the more worn the better)
– Full or ruffled skirt (we chose a printed floral skirt for a fun contrast)
– Fabric scissors
– Fusible bonding (we used Stitch Witchery)
– Iron
– Ruler
– Fabric marking pen


STEP ONE: Lay denim jacket flat, cut sleeves out to create vest (cut along the inside of the shoulder seam).


STEP TWO: Cut along side seam of skirt from bottom hem to top at waist.


STEP THREE: Lay skirt flat, with the right side facing down.

STEP FOUR: Using a ruler, measure from bottom of skirt up to the length you will want the peplum to be, plus a 1-inch allowance for fusing to vest (we wanted the peplum to be 4 inches long from bottom of vest, so we cut a 5-inch strip). Measure all the way around the skirt using fabric marker to mark 5 inches from the skirt bottom.


STEP FIVE: Cut all the way around the skirt until you end up with a long strip the width of the peplum plus allowance (in our case, 5 inches wide).


STEP SIX: Place fusible bonding strip on inside bottom of vest, place fabric strip on top with bottom overlapping past the bottom of jacket to desired length.


STEP SEVEN: Press with steam iron on wool setting, holding iron in place for 10 seconds until bond is secure. Keep doing this until peplum is bonded to vest all the way around.