Daniella Monet Is Back to Host a New Season of Paradise Run

Nickelodeon is ringing in the new year with an all new season of your favorite action-packed game show, Paradise RunWe got a chance to speak to host Daniella Monet to chat about the new challenges, her favorite parts of the show and more. We can’t wait to watch all the crazy events this third season will bring!

Justine Magazine: We’re so excited for the new season of Paradise Run and all of the hilarious slip-ups, fails and funny moments that happen on the show. Are there any fun memories you can share from the past three seasons?

Daniella Monet: You know what I love is when they slide off the volcano into the pool. I don’t know when this started happening, but people started to have competitions on who can make the biggest splashes and who could make the funniest poses. That part was hysterical because you’re going so fast, and no one really knows what to expect off the end of that slide. I thought it was hysterical.

JM: You also have the new challenges this season: the Volca-Nose, Sandwich Islands, and Crazy Bat Shoot. What’s your favorite out of those three?

DM: I’d say the Volca-Nose is my favorite for sure. I think it’s very reminiscent of the game shows back in the 90s when I was growing up. I feel like I distinctly remember some sort of challenge in another game show where there would be snot coming out of a nose, and that just made me so happy.

JM: If you could participate in the show, who would you want to be your celebrity partner or team?

DM: Someone from American Ninja Warrior. There’s a girl that was in some commercial–I’m blanking out on her name–but she’s so cool and I would love to be teamed up with her. I would be picking her brain the whole time because I secretly want to be a Ninja Warrior.

JM: In spirit of the show’s title, we were wondering what’s your idea of paradise?

DM: I’m gonna have to go with my first experience going to Tolú, México last year, and I loved it. It was one of the best trips I’ve ever been on. It was short, but it was beautiful, and I swear to you I’m convinced that México is my new paradise.

Huge thank you to Daniella for taking the time to sit down with us! Make sure to tune in to Nickelodeon on January 1st at 7pmET for the new season of Paradise Run! We know we’ll be watching!

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