Check out some of our fave products for adding personality to notoriously bland dorm rooms and a few clever ideas from our super-smart Justine interns.


Get inspired
 We love the smart rooms on! Look there for inspiration, then use your personal style and quirky finds to make your room unique.

 I turned my mini-fridge into a coffee table! Displaying my mugs, hot pot and coffee & tea collections made this a perfect piece of functional furniture that you can find at the Ivy and Wilde website. You can throw a piece of fabric on top of the fridge to serve as a tablecloth and a splash of color. Also, use cute magnets to display reminders, pics of friends or postcards from home!
– Emily, Emory University

Screen Shot 2011-12-13 at 12.36.17 PM

All dolled up This chandelier wall decal from is so adorable we can’t even stand it. Imagine coming home from that killer chem test to your own little palace! Place it above your bed or on a closet door for instant chicness (also easily removable for winter break!)

 Get in the car, go to Target and buy a Rival Express Hot Pot. Believe me–a quick (only 1-2 minutes to boil water) mug of tea or hot chocolate can make the difference between life and death while rushing to your 8 a.m. class on those chilly mornings.
– Suzanna, Wheaton College

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Soft spot
 Hopping out of bed and stepping on the cold tile floor is no way to start the day. Soften up your landing with plush area rugs that will add color and coziness. Try a large shag rug or several small, round ones like these from!

INTERN TIP: I looped all of my favorite scarves around the footboard of my bed. It added a punch of color to my room, kept my accessories neat and wrinkle free and created a cute cover-up for the storage space under my bed! – Alex, Texas Christian University

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Flower power 
Hours spent at your desk doing Calculus problems will leave you longing for some sunlight and fresh air. Adding small plants and flowers to your space can bring the great outdoors in! Check out this perfect flower vase from . . . and–bonus–it doubles as a test tube holder for your Biology Lab homework!