fourth of july cookout
Planning on having your friends and family over to cook out on the Fourth of July? Work through this checklist to make sure you’ve got your bases covered!

Location, location, location—and decoration! Backyard? Park? Make sure the venue reflects your guest list. And don’t forget the decorations! Line your walkway with mini American flags, go for the patriotic red/blue and white striped tablecloths. Think outside of the box and don’t forget about a girl’s best friend, Pinterest!

Entertainment: Spend some time creating a playlist that will make everyone happy. Think upbeat and current with a few patriotic anthems sprinkled throughout. Will you be going somewhere to watch fireworks? Or will you have sparklers on hand? Finish the night off with a traditional touch.

Food: Get creative with some of our favorite go-to’s! Have a topping bar for the meat, some patriotic treats like fruit skewers (sliced up bananas and strawberries with blueberries), and, of course, the classic watermelon.

Setup: On the morning of the Fourth, have a couple of friends or family members come over to help you set up. Clean the grill ahead of time and remember you’ll need to make sure there is enough seating. Also have plenty of paper products and flatware! Setting up early will give you a chance to make any adjustments beforehand.

Enjoy! You took the time to plan the perfect cookout; now sit back, relax and reap the benefits with everyone else!