1. Grace VanderWaal’s Single “Moonlight” is giving us low-key summer vibes.

This America’s Got Talent starlet showcases her undeniable gift in her new single “Moonlight.” An upbeat tempo combined with Grace’s signature ukulele skills will surely get your toes tapping along to rhythm. The theme of nostalgic memories will make you recall happy days in the past and remember to soak up every last ounce of sunlight (or, should we say “Moonlight”) this summer break!

2. HAIM’s “Want You Back” is the video we can’t stop watching.

We’ve been waiting since their first album release for HAIM to bring us their second, and we’re finally getting a taste of it! The sisters’ sophomore effort, “Something To Tell You,” will be here July 7, but we’ve already got two lead singles and a video that we are LOVING. Este, Danielle and Alana strut down an empty street in their hometown, busting out the cutest dance moves to their upbeat summer smash “Want You Back.”

3. “Something Just Like This” by Coldplay and the Chainsmokers is the duet of summer.

One of the coolest and most adored British bands of the last two decades, Coldplay, and one of the coolest and most adored American bands of the last two years, The Chainsmokers, teamed up for a summer hit and OMG. We love it. “Something Just Like This” combines Coldplay’s haunting and romantic songwriting with The Chainsmoker’s EDM skills that will definitely have you head-banging in your car and also swooning over Chris Martin’s angelic voice.

4. Go deeper with Ansel Elgort’s single “All I Think About is You.”

Not only can this dreamboat kill any role onscreen, Ansel Elgort can also write one heck of a song. His new single “All I Think About is You” is a tune that you could easily jam to with the windows rolled down but it also packs a meaningful message. The song speaks to the idea that, although some people dream about the freedom that comes with the life of independence, happiness is only truly found when it’s shared with someone you love! Preach it, Ansel.

5. Our newest crush Finn Matthews gives us “Wouldn’t It Be Nice” to jumpstart the week.

Newcomer cutie Finn Matthews just released his single “Wouldn’t It Be Nice” and it’s sure to be one of those songs on repeat all. summer. long. The tune’s chill yet energetic vibes will totally take you away to somewhere beachy and carefree. “Wouldn’t It Be Nice” if Finn would come serenade us himself?! Swoon.

What music is getting you past your case of the Mondays?