We’ve been totally crushing on British pop group The Vamps for awhile now, so it’s no surprise that we’re completely fascinated by all the behind-the-scenes scoop in their new autobiography, The Vamps Our Story: 100% Official. We caught up with the guys of The Vamps, a.k.a Brad, James, Connor and Tristan, to get all the deets on the book, plus some quick facts about the band. Check out our interview and learn more about the boys’ book, available now from online retailers and bookstores near you!

Justine Magazine: Do you hope the book will help you connect with your fans in a different way from your music?

James: I think our fans know us quite well and we feel like we’ve grown up with them. The book is a great way to see past the music, YouTube videos and into our daily lives. We all wrote our own bits so it’s even revealing for me to see what the other guys were thinking.

JM: Is there anything in the book you were nervous or embarrassed to include? If so, what made you decide to go ahead and do it anyway?

Brad: I’m always wary of talking about my love life. I prefer for that sort of stuff to stay private. We thought it was only fair to the fans to shed some light on past relationships that we hadn’t always been open about.

JM: What was the most surprising thing you guys learned about each other in the process of writing the book?

Connor: I learned that before I joined, Tris really wanted to stay as a three piece. I’m glad the others talked him out of it; otherwise I might have still been at school.

JM: Between making music together and writing a book together, you guys spend a lot of time with each other! Any funny behind-the-scenes stories that didn’t make the cut in your book?

Brad: Haha, probably loads. We included what we could but we’ve spent so much time together there’s always another story. At some point we might reveal the story about Tris and the empty can of Pringles on the streets of Mumbai!

JM: When can we expect to hear new music from you guys? Any projects in the works?

Tristan: Well, we have been overwhelmed with the support of our latest single “All Night” featuring Matoma. It’s been in the global Top 40 on Spotify for the past three weeks and seems to be still climbing. We are working on single two and an album to come before the summer of 2017!

JM: If you could collaborate with anyone, who would it be and why?

James: Has to be Ed Sheeran or Taylor Swift. Ideally both—perhaps at the same time. We have hung out with Ed a few times and even got a sneak peek of his new album in the studio. Taylor is amazing and was nice enough to take us on tour.

JM: Do you guys have a favorite song to perform?

Connor: At the moment it’s definitely “All Night.” We weren’t sure at first how the crowd would react but the dance drop goes off! Can’t wait to play it on our world tour next year with all the pyro and lighting!

JM: Where is your dream venue to perform?

Tristan: We love the O2 arena in London as it’s like our home venue. We counted and as of May 2017 (our next UK tour) we will have played it 15 times, which is insane. The next step for us would be to headline arenas in the USA. Vamps at Madison Square Garden would be pretty sweet!

Which bandmate is most likely to…

Arrive late to dress rehearsal? Tristan

Cook dinner for everyone? Tristan

Wake up early to get in a good workout? James

Have people borrowing clothes out of his closet? Brad

Pull a prank on the rest of the band? Connor

Always have a ton of random facts up his sleeve? James

Come to the rescue when the tour bus breaks down? Brad

Have to be pulled away from a group of swooning fangirls? Brad

Trip over a cord on stage? Connor

Plan the itinerary in a new city while on tour? James