celeb sis quiz

1. When this athletic pair teams up they are unstoppable; they are unbeaten in Grand Slam women’s doubles finals.

2. No different than in most families, this famous little sis says she was teased mercilessly and was “terrified” of her older sib as a kid.

3. These sisters don’t mind sharing the limelight. One sister gave the other the title of co-creative director of the tween division of her million dollar clothing line.

4. Football is in their blood. Their great-grandfathers founded the New York Giants and the Pittsburgh Steelers.

5. At six years old, these sisters became the youngest producers in Hollywood.

6. These two beauties once showed off their milk staches together in a Got Milk? ad.


1) d 2) c 3) a 4) f 5) b 6) e