Fallen angels. Reincarnation. Demons. A battle for heaven. Star-crossed love. That’s right…it’s time to catch up with Lauren Kate! Last time we met with her, Lauren was on tour with her third book in the fabulously romantic FALLEN series, Torment.  The release of the fourth and final novel in the series,  Rapture,  gave us a great excuse to catch up with Lauren all over again.



The settings in your books are so wonderfully visual…almost like an additional character. Have you traveled to any of the fabulous locations in Rapture? If so, do you have a favorite?

I’ve traveled to several of them and I’ve literary arm-chair traveled to the rest. Most of the research for Passion and Rapture was done by reading favorite novels with glorious historical settings, so you’ll find notes of Hemingway, Shakespeare, Wilkie Collins, and Bulgacov on the pages. I recently went to Venice and found it unbelievably romantic. My close friend is living in Israel, and when I visited her there she gave me a fabulous tour of the old city of Jerusalem. I stood in a field in a country I won’t spoil for readers, which inspired the actual location of the Fall. It amazes me when I begin to draft a scene, then go visit the location, then realize how much parity there is between the city of my imagination and the city in real life. Strange coincidences helped me feel I was making the right choice with my settings.

Now that the series is complete, do you have a favorite book in the Fallen series? If so, which one and why?

Each new book has been my favorite — I hope it always stays that way. When you don’t feel as if you’re growing with each book, becoming closer to the writer you dream of being…then it’s probably time to quit and take up ceramics. I love Rapture for it’s boldness, for the way the characters mingle now that everyone knows each other so well, for its ending, which, to me, is perfect.

Do you have a favorite stop on your book tour so far?

I love to travel. Traveling to get to talk about a story that I love is a joy and a gift that I never take for granted. Every city I’ve visited around the world has shown me something beautiful about the people who live there. I’m especially excited about my tour this summer, which takes me to Dallas, TX, where my family lives, and to Dayton, OH, where I was born.


“Mortality is the most romantic story ever told. Just one chance to do everything you should.” We love this quote from Rapture. Do you believe in this or are you a fan of second chances (or third and fourth chances like Luce and Daniel?!)?

I think it depends on the person. Luce and Daniel needed every one of their chances to grow into the souls they needed to become. The quote above seems highly appropriate for Cam — though I must say the rest of his story is still a mystery to me, one I’ll probably need to think about for a long time. I believe in giving other people second chances, but I like to live my own life as if I’ve only got one shot to get it right.

Luce and Daniel have evolved so much since the series began with their meeting at Sword & Cross. Who would be your dream actor and actress to play them in a movie adaptation?

I agree that whoever is cast for the roles, especially Lucinda’s, will need to display a breadth of character that measures up to the journey Luce goes on in the books. My feeling on the film is: cast unknown new actors who can grow into the roles just as the characters have grown into them.

What are you working on now?

I’m working on a new series which slips love into the origins of a beloved myth. It’s a huge change from the Fallen series and I’m enjoying the challenge and the freshness of the characters. Very soon, I’ll be able to spill more details…