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What are you looking forward to this summer? For some of us here at Justine, the much-anticipated album from Big Time Rush is on top of our list of summer hits to be on the lookout for. We recently had time to talk to frontman James Maslow and learn a little bit more about the upcoming album, as well as some fun facts about not only the band, but also this rising heartthrob.

What are you most looking forward to about your upcoming album, 24/seven?
Well, we get to go on tour more and play a lot of new songs. And something that may have played earlier on in an episode throughout the season, you get to hear a lot more on the album.

How is it different from the other albums that you have done?
It’s a lot more collaborative. Like anything, it’s a learning process. We think like,”Oh, we need to make a picture” and “Oh, we need to make an album” and it takes up a lot of time — probably why we named the album 24/seven. But this time around we planned it a little bit more… It’s very organic.

When you’re not working on Big Time Rush, what would you most like to be doing?
Well, when I do have down time I would love to work on a film. That’s kind of my ultimate goal. So whenever I do get off work that is what I will be pursuing.

 How do you relate to your character, James Diamond, on Big Time Rush?
James Diamond and myself are very different. The only thing I do share with my character is the energy that he has in everything he is doing. For me, I like to perform. And not only is it fine for me to be able to do what I want to do, but I think you need to enjoy it. I don’t think he really cares about that, ya know? And I love it!

What is one thing about you that would probably surprise your fans?
You know, one thing that might surprise my fans is that I enjoy cooking. I’m actually a pretty decent cook. I make a pineapple dish that is delicious!

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Favorite food: Either burgers or breakfast burritos
Dream destination: Barcelona
One thing you can’t live without on set: I hate to say it, but probably my phone.
All-time favorite movieZoolander followed by Anchor Man
Favorite summer activity: Surfing. Whenever I have time I like to go to the beach and surf.
Music currently playing on your iPod: Pretty Lights and Maroon 5