Let’s be honest… We all have our signature Starbucks order for those days where caffeine is an absolute necessity. Whether you’re a vanilla latte all day kind of girl, or the one who waits all year long for that pumpkin spice latte, your Starbucks drink of choice definitely reveals a window into your personality. Maybe you keep it simple with a straight-to-the-point order of black coffee, or perhaps you like to add some sparkle to your day with a unicorn frappuccino. Does your choice change based on the season, or are you loyal to your favorite concoction? And if you could create your own signature drink, what would it be?

No matter what you choose, we know that your Starbucks order is highly personal, so we checked with some of our favorite celebs to see what their orders reveal about their personalities. Get the scoop on their go-to drink orders in the video above!