Nashville actress and singer-songwriter Bridgit Mendler left us craving more music after the release of her singles “Atlantisand “Do You Miss Me At All.” Luckily, the wait for new tunes is over! Nemesis, Bridgit’s four-song EP drops on Nov. 18, and it’s sure give us the bittersweet pop and hip-hop anthems we’ve been missing. Between filming on the set of Nashville and jamming in the studio, the actress and musician took a break to chat with Justine about her exciting career. Check out our interview with Bridgit below!

Justine Magazine:  What can we expect from the new EP?

Bridgit Mendler:  The project focuses on telling real stories. I wanted something that felt unique and different and exciting. I feel really grateful that the fans have responded well to “Atlantis” because I was just a bundle of nerves about it. I think sometimes when you’re taking a risk, you can’t think about how it will be received until it’s already done. I just tried to focus on what I loved and it’s really cool to see that other people love it, too.

JM:  How is Nemesis different from your previous album, Hello My Name Is…?

BM:  I was very proud of Hello My Name Is… My objective with Hello My Name Is… was to learn how to write pop music, and I feel like that happened, so, goal achieved! My objective with this album was to make something that I hadn’t heard before. It was just a different goal. I think fans will hear things that feel different from Hello My Name Is… but that’s okay with me because that’s what I was setting out to do. But, at the same time, it’s honest. Hello My Name Is… was honest and this album is honest, so I think people will be able to see the connection.  I’m still the same person even if I’ve grown up a bit and added some different layers to my sound.

JM: What is the story behind the EP’s title, Nemesis?

BM: It was a real experiment for me to make music that was sonically very different from what I’d done before.  In that sense, it was really scary, which is why I titled it the project Nemesis.  It’s about conquering your nemesis.

JM: Do you have a favorite track on the EP?

BM: All the songs are really special in their own way. They were all written differently and from different places, so I can’t pick a favorite.

JM: How did you spend your time during your recent break from the studio before starting this new project?

BM: I wrote a lot! I wrote a lot of poetry and I wrote songs on my own in my home studio. I also listened to a ton of music. I guess it was just like gathering fresh inspiration. I go to bed and wake up thinking about music.

JM: Congratulations on your role in Nashville!  How do you make the transition from being a singer-songwriter to acting on a hit TV show?

BM:  Thank you! Music is something that I have a lot of creative control over and is my form of self-expression, and then the acting is like playing. The part in Nashville is just different from what I played before and I was excited to try something new. It was a fun experience!

JM: You’re such a busy girl! Between starring on Nashville, touring and releasing a new EP, how do you balance it all? 

BM: I feel like I’m an intense human being. I want to do everything all the time. I guess the key to balance is having good family and friends around you who can reel you in and tell you when you’re being crazy.