Author: James Patterson
Book Category: Fantasy and Sci-Fi
Maximum Ride

The fifth book in the Maximum Ride series continues to follow the six teens who call themselves The Flock. The group is fiercely loyal and united as survivors of the science experiments that turned each of them into an avian/human hybrid with some unique talent or skill. Max, a teen girl, is the narrator and strong-willed leader who is beginning to find herself attracted to a certain unnamed member of the group. In this latest installment, The Flock must protect Max’s scientist mother from a criminal mastermind who has plans that may devastate the world’s ecological balance. In addition to evil geniuses, The Flock has to elude Erasers (human/wolf hybrids) and Flyboys (mechanical robots with guns for arms). Success requires each member to bring special power to this tight group of smart, hilarious and talented mutants.