We’re bursting with excitement for Friday, June 24th to arrive! Not only is Disney premiering their re-imagination of the 80’s classic Adventures in Babysitting, but the network is also releasing their newest show, Bizaardvark! Bizaardvark follows Paige (Olivia Rodrigo) and Frankie (Madison Hu) as they reach internet fame for their music comedy videos on Vuuugle, a YouTube-esque platform. The show features their fun but crazy adventures in the online world alongside their fellow Vuuugle stars: Amelia (Devore Ledridge) with her show “Perfect Perfection with Amelia” and Dirk (Jake Paul) with his popular channel, DaremeBro. Throw in the help of Paige and Frankie’s aspiring manager friend Bernie (Ethan Walker), and this show is guaranteed to keep you laughing. Disney is pulling out all the stops with guest stars such as Vine star Logan Paul, the amazing Calum Worthy from Austin & Ally, JiffPom, YouTuber Meredith Foster, and even Grumpy Cat! Find out more behind the scenes info of Bizaardvark in our video above!

Ready for more? Check out more of our on set coverage as the cast members give each other “Most Likely To…” awards!

Don’t forget to tune into Bizaardvark on June 24th on Disney Channel immediately following Adventures in Babysitting!