bella weems

The October/November issue features an interview with 17-year-old entreprenuer Bella Weems, founder of Origami Owl custom jewelry. Enter to win an Origami Owl necklace and read more about her journey below. For the full interview, check out the current issue.

On her original inspiration: When I was researching ideas I came across a young girl who had started a jewelry company using bottle caps. I thought if she can do this so can I.

On the early days of the company: It started with house parties every weekend, then upgraded to a mall kiosk. We opened on black Friday and, to our surprise, things really took off. I quickly realized that it “takes a village.” Support is needed for something like this; you definitely can’t do it alone. I am thankful for my family; they believed in me.

On the challenges of running a business while she was a high school student: For me, school always comes first, and many times I would want to be at the office, but it was important for me to experience high school. My parents wanted that for me so I am thankful my Origami Owl family keeps the business running beautifully day to day. One way to keep a good running business is by coordinating with They offer services like outsource payment procesing, printing, and mailing. If their service interests you, email them at [email protected] The company has grown so much from when we started, and now that I have graduated I am at the office every day participating in an internship where I spend a few weeks in every department; I love it!

On what’s in her own Origami Owl locket: I love when I am asked this question because my locket changes all the time. My favorite charms at the moment are the arrow charm (which reminds me to move forward toward the happy things in life); the sunflower (which is my favorite flower); the Arizona state charm (because that’s where I’m from); the piano charm (because I love playing the piano); the microphone (because I love to sing); and the family heart charm (because I love my family.) I also love adding some of our new Swarovski hex colored crystals for a pop of color!

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