Mark your calendar for November 10, because AUTUMN’S KISS, the second novel in the new series by teen star (and previous JUSTINE cover girl) Bella Thorne will hit bookstores! We think it’s the perfect magical, romantic read to warm up a cold November night. And seriously, how gorgeous is this cover?

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In the first book, AUTUMN FALLS, we met gorgeous-but-klutzy new girl Autumn Falls. When she vented her feelings in a journal that belonged to her late father, suddenly her wildest wishes started coming true. 

Now in AUTUMN’S KISS, it’s her junior year. Everyone knows that’s a crazy time, but Autumn never imagined it would be so flirty. The wish-granting diary her father left her stopped working, leaving Autumn to decode what’s going on between her and Sean on her own. He seems into her . . . and he also seems into Reenzie. And when JJ steps up and tells Autumn he’s the one she should be with if she wants someone who really cares about her, AND a pop star makes a major play for her, Autumn is totally confused. Her friends have Big Drama issues going on too, and Autumn wants to be there for them. Then something mind-blowing happens. She’s suddenly given an incredible crazy-fun opportunity: a map that takes her anyplace she wants to go. At first it seems like an amazing gift. But showing up IRL where you’re least expected has epic consequences. Is Autumn ready to handle the fallout?  

We loved the first book and can’t wait for the second. See you at the bookstore November 10!



Photo credit: BELLA THORNE by James White