by Katherine Leslie

Talented actress Bella Shepard stars in your latest summer obsession . . .  A Girl Named Jo. This eight-episode series premiered July 3rd on Brat to much anticipation. The suspenseful drama, set in the 60s, has us super excited to watch the story unfold! While Bella plays the classic mean girl named Alice, we were curious to get to know more about her and share with you, of course! Check out our exclusive chat below and be sure to catch A Girl Named Jo on the Brat network this summer!

Justine: What was your favorite thing about being able to “travel back” to the 60s in this show?

The Fashion!  I loved the way the clothes are constructed and how they fit. They are so stylish and fun to wear too—o different than the clothes today.

Justine: How are you and your character alike or different? What was your favorite part about playing Alice?

We definitely share a love of fashion, but that’s where the similarities end. Alice is very manipulative and antagonistic. But I feel she is misunderstood and look forward to seeing her character grow.

Justine: What can viewers expect from A Girl Named Jo?

A fun mystery to solve—and a LOT of drama.

Justine: Do you have a favorite memory from shooting this show?

My favorite memory was making friends with Addison [Riecke] and Annie [LeBlanc]. They are incredible actresses and such fun at the same time. We had a scene where I have to splash Addison with water, and we had to do it over and over again. I felt so bad, but she was such a pro. The whole cast and crew was so professional. It was a great experience.

Justine: What other actresses inspire you and your acting?

Tatiana Maslani and Elizabeth Moss are two current theatrical actresses I love watching. But, for the role of Alice, I was inspired by all the classic “mean girl” characters and the actresses who played (or currently play) them, like Cheryl Blossom (Madelaine Petsch), Regina George (Rachel McAdams), or Lana Thomas (Mandy Moore), but with some redemption inside of her like Blair Waldorf (Leighton Meister.)

Justine: Describe yourself in three words.

I guess three words that describe me are: Hardworking. I love working hard. My motto is, no one will out work me. Self-motivated. I was a gymnast which really instilled motivation, focus and drive. Strong. I’m usually the advice giver, or the leader with my friends. Definitely like a mom to everyone.

Justine: What is on your bucket list as an actress?

I want to continue building a career, however fate allows, but my dream is to do theatrical acting and win awards for my talent. If I could have a career like Timothee Chalamet, or if I end up in films alongside actors like him, wow, my bucket would be pretty full.

Justine: What’s your favorite thing to do when you’re not acting or playing instruments?

Taking a break and recharging. It usually involves hanging out with my four dogs or my two guinea pigs . . . I love animals. My non-acting related bucket list is to have many animals, maybe a pigmy goat, a sheepdog, a tortoise, a bunny… just about any little creature that would have me!