Dance Camp Film Poster

YouTube has hit the jackpot by combining our love of dance and movies into one with their new smash hit Dance Camp. YouTube Red and AwesomenessTV have teamed up to create Dance Camp, the first of the YouTube Red Original movies. The film stars YouTubers Meg DeAngelis and Jordyn Jones alongside dancer and actor Nadji Jeter. Complete with epic choreography and on-screen romance, Dance Camp is sure to satisfy dance fans and movie buffs alike!

The scene is set for lots of action after rebellious Hunter (Nadji Jeter) reluctantly goes to dance camp as a punishment from his mother. When he arrives, Hunter is surprised to find a flirtatious connection with fellow camper Cheyenne (Meg DeAngelis), and the two team up to face off against other squads in the Legends of Dance competition. Rival dancers Yolo (Jordyn Jones) and champion Lance (Jake Paul) keep things spicy and put up fierce competition for Hunter and Cheyenne. We can’t wait to watch the dance drama unfold!

Dance Camp Group Shot

Justine caught up with two of the film’s stars, Nadji Jeter and Jordyn Jones, to find out exactly what it’s like to film a dance movie. For Nadji (@NajJeter), the role of Hunter was a perfect combination of two of his passions: acting and dancing. And his favorite aspect of filming? “Seeing all of my fellow dancers—seeing  everyone that had different dance styles really come together. Just everyone expressing themselves through their own style of dance,” Nadji says. But it’s not all fun and games on set. As Nadji explains, filming dance scenes can be much more difficult than filming a regular scene in a movie. “We would spend at least maybe 30 minutes before we did the actual take just going over the routine, making sure that everyone in our crew has it down pat. Then we would go on and film it. But sometimes we would have to get different angles and different views, of course, so it would be take after take.” Now that’s commitment!

Nadji Jeter

For co-star Jordyn Jones, the online starlet with her very own YouTube channel, the opportunity to take on an acting role alongside some of her fellow internet stars was very special. “We laughed, we had so much fun, and the cast was so much better than I expected them to be because I’ve just seen them on my laptop. When I met them in real life I was so happy,” Jordyn says. Hoping to focus more on acting roles in the future, Jordyn jumped at the opportunity to play Yolo, a part written specifically for her. But that doesn’t mean she and the character are exactly the same. “[While playing Yolo] I got super sad and I threw a tantrum and I was screaming and kicking and crying. I would never do that in real life,” Jordyn assures us. We can’t wait to see Yolo lead her crew in fierce competition!

We don’t know about you, but we can’t wait to grab our laptops and screen Dance Camp with all of our friends. Get ready to bust a move as you check out the first YouTube Red Original movie, Dance Camp, available for digital download March 25!