If you love watching the shows about awkward high school years, you’ll love the take on high school with a magical twist in Nickelodeon’s new show, The Other Kingdom! The story features¬†Esther Zynn as Astral, a real-life fairy longing to live a regular human life. Astral must make a difficult choice between the world of magic and the world of humans, and to help her make the decision Astral gets the opportunity to go to high school as a freshman exchange student. Get ready for awkwardness and confusion as Astral tries to hide her magical capabilities while blending in with the high school crowd!

Justine sat down with Esther and her co-star Callan Worthy, who plays Astral’s gymnast crush Tristan, to get the inside scoop on all things on- and off-screen. They shared more about the show and their characters, as well as what it was like on set after the cameras stopped rolling. We can’t wait to catch The Other Kingdom¬†Sundays on Nickelodeon at 7pm ET/6pm CT!