On October 17 the Disney Channel is bringing us music, dancing and adventure in its latest musical teen drama, The Lodge. The series follows the story of Skye, a teen girl coping with major life changes after the death of her mother. In an attempt to rebuild their lives, Skye and her father move to the country to run a lodge that has been in her mother’s family for generations, and it is there that Skye must adjust to her new lifestyle and make new friends. We got to know Sophie Simnett, The Lodge‘s leading lady, to learn more about what fans can expect from the show. Check out our interview with Sophie below!

Justine Magazine: Tell us about the show. What can fans expect?

Sophie Simnett: The Lodge follows the story of Skye—the character I play—as she moves from the city to the countryside after the passing of her mother. Once she’s there, she has to make new friends, she has to deal with new boys, frenemies, as well as running the lodge. So it’s a pretty jam packed show.

JM: You play the lead role of Skye in the series. Was it easy to relate to her?

SS: I feel like Skye is what I was like when I was fifteen. She’s kind of a bit lost. She always has the best intentions. She’s always clumsy and goofy, always trying to find her way in a messy world, but she’s got a really positive outlook and really great friends who always lift her up.

JM: Did you have to do anything crazy to prepare for the part?

SS: Well The Lodge is unique in that has a lot of outdoor activities, and of course the singing and dancing elements. I wasn’t trained in singing and dancing before, so I had to learn, which was an amazing experience. I also had to learn to rock climb and kayak, which was also interesting. I had to conquer my fear of heights and water, so it was crazy. But it was amazing, and I’m so glad I did it.

JM: Tell me more about the musical aspect of the show.

SS: So the music in The Lodge is really integral to the storyline. It shows a lot about the characters’ subtext—their hidden feelings. A key message in The Lodge is about being yourself and how good friends help you in that. Even our theme song is about starting over, starting now, starting fresh. The audience gets to see a different side of the characters than the other characters in the show see. It’s almost like the audience has an inside view.

JM: Skye has to break into a whole new world and new group of friends. What advice do you have for someone who is starting fresh like Skye?

SS: Everyone has to start fresh, and it’s always difficult because change is difficult but’s also a really great opportunity. There’s nice people everywhere, so just being positive, being yourself—people are going to like you for who you are if you’re confident with yourself. So when you go into a new group, be yourself, be happy, and people will want to surround themselves with you.

JM: Do you have a favorite song from the show that we should watch for?

SS: Skye has a solo song, which she sings about her friends and her mother. It’s called “My Favorite Place to Be” and it comes quite late in the series. It’s a really beautiful song and I loved recording it in the show. It says a lot about Skye and it helps her makes some decisions, so it’s quite integral in the episode that it appears on. As far as a group number, the finale would be my favorite. It’s so energetic and such a good summary of The Lodge and what the characters are to each other and what they mean to each other.


Sophie’s Faves

Favorite app: Instagram

The last thing you had to eat: Chocolate

The last song you listened to: “Starting Over, Starting Now” from the show

Instant mood booster: Music, every time. I just turn on Frank Sinatra and I’m in a good mood.

Pet peeve: Chewing noises