We obviously can’t live without Snapchat, Twitter and Instagram, but one of our new favorite apps is Flipagram! Flipagram allows users to take picture sharing to the next level by turning pictures into videos with music. Sound complicated? Let our new friend and Flipagram guru Jacci break it down for you. We chatted with Jacci at VidCon, and she showed us how she uses Flipagram to make stop-motion videos and lyric videos. She shared with us about her process and her inspiration when she first started using Flipagram. Check out her tips in the video above!

Thinking about making your own stop-motion video? Here are some great tips from Jacci:

  • Have a visual plan. Before I even get my video equipment ready, I take a minute to think through what is going to happen. I plan out the order in which the objects will enter and leave the screen.
  • Make sure your camera is secure. Chances are you don’t have a tripod. That’s okay! Prop your phone up with objects you find around your house. Sometimes I use books, candles or salt and pepper shakers. Just make sure your phone is steady, because if it falls or moves while you’re filming, your video might not look as good.
  • Move your object the same distance each time. When making a stop motion, I typically move my objects a quarter of an inch to one inch. The smaller the movements, the smoother your video will look.
  • Use Flipagram to assemble your clips. For this video I used the app Video FX Live, but not all the effects are free to use. I recommend using your phone’s camera app to take photos for your stop motion, then using Flipagram to put all of your frames together and adjust the speed.