You may think it’s easy to get to know a girl by checking out her socials, meeting her family or spending some quality time together to get to know who she is on the inside. But what happens when you take a look in a girl’s purse? Your purse may serve as your tool kit, your secret hiding spot or maybe even your mobile makeup station. No matter what you carry in your bag of choice, your purse probably reveals more about yourself than you even realize. And we think that taking a peek inside may just be the fastest way to really get to know someone!

Lucky for us, our December/January cover girl is game for anything. Beauty vlogger Summer Mckeen took a minute to give us a sneak peek into her purse–well, actually, she carries a chic, black backpack–and let’s just say it’s contents were perfectly on par with this YouTuber’s personality. Don’t miss her reveal of her purse contents in the video above!

What life secrets and personality traits does your purse reveal?