Makeup artist Lydia Foster started working in the beauty biz right after college. Since then she’s had the opportunity to work with big-name celebs (including being on tour with our girl T. Swift!) She shares some of her best beauty tips and the scoop about life on the road.

What’s your favorite thing about your job? I love the creative freedom of my job and the ability to be inspired every day and put that inspiration into my work.

What is life like when you are traveling with an artist on the road? Life is different on the road. It isn’t reality. You work, play, live, dine, do everything with your co-workers. They become your family. It’s great! But, it definitely isn’t real life. You long for your family and loved ones while making the most out of such an amazing opportunity.

What’s your favorite beauty tip? My favorite beauty tip is “less is more.”

What are a few of the beauty products you could not live without? I think that mascara, blush and lip gloss are essential elements that can make the biggest difference on any single face. These are game changers and if you only have these, you will survive.

Who is your beauty and style icon, past or present? I’m in love with the classic style of Audrey Hepburn and also adore Nicole Richie’s funky style. I would say as far as a beauty icon, it would be Twiggy! She was the face of change in the modeling, fashion and beauty world and I simply love her.

When you’re doing makeup for someone, or for yourself, is there a feature that you really like to play up or a particular look you’re drawn to? I definitely play up the cheeks and occasionally, the eyes, depending on the event or job. I like to play off lips for the eyes and vice versa. If you have dramatic eyes, you need a less dramatic lip. If you are going with a bright, dramatic lip, stick with a more neutral eye. It creates the proper balance for the face and keeps things classy.