Summer is known as being the stress-free season packed with fun and adventure. But sadly the season has never been deemed “hair friendly” thanks to the heat and humidity which take a toll on everyone’s luscious locks. But don’t fret! We reached out to our friends at our fave hair extension line, Barely Xtensions, to get some ideas on cool summer looks.

Ditch the boring messy bun and give these summer-friendly styles a try!

THE POWER PONY >  You’ve seen it on Kim K and you’ve seen it on Ariana Grande, but now it’s time to try it out yourself! It’s an easy, high ponytail made even easier with clip-in extensions. Use extensions for an extra boost or to keep it sleek. Whatever you decide, it’s sure to look chic!

THE BUBBLE PONY >  Rebel against the standard ponytail with this creative, playful style. Bubble ponies are making moves in the fashion world, so why not try them out this summer? Use extensions if you want added length and volume!

SPACE BUNS >  Channel your inner Princess Leia (or Miley Cyrus, Millie Bobby Brown, Kendall Jenner, etc.) with this quirky, cute look. Perfect for a pool party or concert, you can wear them high or low and, if you’re in need of extra length, clip in extensions!

BOXER BRAIDS > This look has taken Insta by storm, with celebs like Zendaya and Kylie Jenner posting photos of this power look. It’s the classic childhood style with a twist, sure to make you look AND feel cool and collected. Braid your hair back with extensions for extra thickness and length!

To learn more head to Barely Xtensions for more tips and tutorials!