Bea Miller Is Dropping a New Album and Part 1 Is Available Today

We’ve been waiting for new tracks from Bea Miller for what seems like an eternity, and as of today, the wait is finally over. Bea announced that her fans will get an entire year’s worth of her music, starting today with the release of CHAPTER ONE: BLUE, the first of a four-part collection of music. Bea will release two other color-themed collections of music and videos over the next few months, and the stream of new tracks won’t stop until the release of her second full-length album in November. Fans should be on the lookout for CHAPTER TWO: RED, releasing in May and CHAPTER THREE: YELLOW, releasing in August.

So what can we expect from the wonderfully colorful upcoming releases? Bea says that she hopes the music will bring fans “along for the journey” as she experiences the stages of a relationship ending. “The theme of this project is very cohesive and based on the idea of how colors make you feel,” Bea dishes. “I see colors when I listen to music. I’ve always been very affected by color. It’s a way to communicate a more complex idea in a simple way that a wide range of people can understand.”

While we recover from this major music news, we’re listening to the new track “Song Like You” on repeat today. This music maven’s sultry sound is perfect for your Friday. Be sure to check out Bea Miller’s first installment, CHAPTER ONE: BLUE, and stay tuned as she drops new music throughout 2017!

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