We fell in love with Divergent for a lot of reasons: the bold yet relatable Tris, the swoonworthy Four and the story that we couldn’t put down from page one. The day the last book released, we cried out for joy and then actually cried, because that meant the series was over. Well, Divergent lovers, cry no more;  we’ve got some good news. Veronica Roth is back, and her new novel, Carve the Mark, the first in a two-book series, is sure to provide the sci-fi fix we’ve been craving—it’s an intergalactic adventure epic.

We caught up with Veronica to learn about her inspiration for Carve the Mark, her writing process and all the juicy details that make her characters unforgettable. Get all the scoop straight from the author herself, and learn why her latest out-of-this-world novel should be up next on your TBR!