We fell in love with the amazing cover and high fantasy of Falling Kingdoms (which had an unbelievable, mouth-wide-open, epic ending!) So of course we had to catch up with out-of-this-world author Morgan Rhodes for scoop on what new twists we can look forward to in book #2, Rebel Spring.

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So let’s start with what we’re all dying to know. What can we look forward to in Rebel Spring?

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Thank you so much! Rebel Spring picks up the story about three weeks after Falling Kingdoms ends. I can promise readers that there will be many twists and turns, blood and battle, forced engagements and kidnappings, betrayal and romance and magic galore!


Yes! All our favorite things from Falling Kingdoms – back with even more in Rebel Spring! Looking back, do you have a favorite scene from Falling Kingdoms?


The battle scene in Falling Kingdoms stands out as a favorite of mine since I’d never written anything so epic before. In Rebel Spring there’s a key scene in a huge temple about midway through the book that I adore – although my characters might strongly disagree.


Oh my gosh, can’t wait! We love epic battle scenes! What do YOU love most about high fantasy?


High fantasy, on the surface, seems like pure escapist fiction – and it certainly can be taken as that. But what I love about it is that so much that’s shown can relate to what we experience in real life – love, trust, family, friends, betrayal, heartbreak, moral dilemmas, good and evil, and what one is willing to fight and die for. Put on a magical, fictional landscape these subjects are much safer (and more fun) to explore.


So true! We are in love with the fantastic cast of characters in this series and the plot gives them tons of good vs. evil to explore. So, do you have a favorite character, and why?


The Falling Kingdoms series definitely has a diverse cast of characters – the “core four” characters are Princess Cleo, a naïve and self-involved girl who has to grow up very fast; Princess Lucia, the daughter of a cruel king who discovers her hidden magic; Prince Magnus, Lucia’s older brother who grapples with his need to please his cold father, but also must deal with his forbidden feelings toward his sister; and Jonas, the son of a wine-seller who, after a tragedy, finds his desire to fight back against oppression impossible to ignore. I love writing all of these characters, but I do admit to favoring Prince Magnus, since he’s so layered and snarky and his deep angst is so much fun to write.


Prince Magnus of Limeros! Love him. We have a soft spot for a tortured bad boy with a soft heart. Which kingdom did you enjoy writing in the most?


The land of Mytica is comprised of three kingdoms – Limeros, a land seemingly cursed to turn into one of ice and snow; Paelsia, a once vibrant farmland which is now wasting away to nothing, its people suffering; and Auranos, which is affluent, green and beautiful. I enjoy writing about all three – but there’s something about the cold starkness of Limeros which intrigues me the most. Plus, any chance to write about ice sculptures and frost-encrusted castles is a total bonus.

OK, time to play…5 Quick Questions!


Describe the Falling Kingdoms series in three adjectives.

Thrilling. Heart-wrenching. Magical.


Author you’d love to collaborate with?

J.K. Rowling.


Favorite reality TV show?

The Amazing Race.

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Top three favorite movies of all time?

The Princess Bride, Romancing the Stone, Some Like it Hot.

If you could spend a week in any book it would be…
Harry Potter. (But visiting the theme park will have to do for now!)

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romancing the stone

some like it hot
Love it! Thanks for taking time to catch up with us, Morgan!

And don’t miss REBEL SPRING, which hits bookstores December 3!