We love the way author Laurie Halse Anderson isn’t afraid to tackle tough subjects with honesty, humor and sensitivity. Her books Speak and Chains were National Book Award finalists and Speak was made into a movie starring Kristin Stewart (Twilight). In her new book, THE IMPOSSIBLE KNIFE OF MEMORY, Anderson introduces us to a strong girl (Hayley) who must deal with a troubled parent. It reminds us how hard just surviving your teen years can be.

The Impossible Knife of Memory cover image

Laurie Halse Anderson_Author Photo 2_Photo credit Sonya Sonesj

Anderson’s own personal tragedies growing up have fueled her passion for helping teens and giving them a voice. This inspired her to record several short videos on coping with some of the tough topics she tackles in THE IMPOSSIBLE KNIFE OF MEMORY.  Here is her first one dealing with DIVORCE.

For more on tough teen issues and for specific advice on how to handle them, read Anderson’s amazing article in Justine’sFebruary/March issue on HOW TO COPE.