Mo’tivation from Monique Coleman on handling your toughest problems…ask mo crop

Q: I’m having some trouble with my mom. I know she loves me, but we just can’t seem to agree on anything lately. Whether it is about college, my clothes or even my friends, she always has a strong opinion and it always is the opposite of mine. We have gotten to the point where we hardly speak because every time we do we end up yelling at each other. I really don’t want to be constantly fighting with her in the last few months before I leave for college. What do I do? —Morgan, 17

Monique’s Advice: You’re right. Your mom does love you. Unfortunately, that love doesn’t always make it easier to get along. This may seem strange, but try passing notes to each other. I once lost my voice for a week and I could only communicate through notes. My relationships deepened because I found myself being more honest and thoughtful when forced to script my feelings. Ask her if she’d be willing to try it for a day. If that doesn’t work or she doesn’t want to try, let her know how important it is to you to have a good relationship with her and then be patient. Ultimately, she just wants what’s best for you . . . so do what’s best for you! Make healthy, positive decisions that you can be proud of and she will eventually see the results of your efforts.