Just like that, YouTuber Annie LeBlanc turned from tween to teen, and Justine joined her and all of her celeb friends to share the special moment. With 2018 just around the corner, we caught up with Annie to hear about everything she has in store for her fans in the new year, and let’s just say that this girl is a star on the rise. From her Youtube Red series We Are Savvy to joining Jacob Sartorius on his Left Me Hanging tour, Annie’s 13th year is set to be a huge one, and we can’t wait to watch it all happen!

Celebrating Annie’s 13th birthday was a total dream! Honestly, who doesn’t love a great birthday bash, especially one with snacks, cool photo booths, and a ferris wheel to complete the night? We chatted with Annie’s party guests like Emily Skinner, Casey Simpson, Francesca Capaldi and more to get the scoop on their favorite birthday memories and to hear about their upcoming projects in 2018. You can get all the details in the video above! Do YOU have any favorite birthday memories?