Meet Alexander Ludwig, the undeniably attractive actor, brand ambassador and newest face of lifestyle apparel brand RYU (Respect Your Universe). This multitalented guy caught our eye in his latest movie, When the Game Stands Tall, where he plays Chris Ryan, a high school football player in a community held together by the sport. See what Alexander has to say about the film, as well as his other current projects!

1. Tell us a little bit about your latest film, When the Game Stands Tall, and your character, Chris Ryan.
When the Game Stands Tall is a true story about brotherhood and a coach’s selfless determination to turn young men into upstanding adults who can be depended on. It was such a pleasure being able to tell a story like this. It’s a great reminder about what really matters in life.

2. After playing a fearsome, bloodthirsty District 2 tribute, Cato, in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, how did you make the transition to playing the comparatively tame De LaSalle High School running back, Chris Ryan?
I simply played a different character. Of course, Cato was an unbelievable character to bring to life as there were many intricacies within, however, Chris encompasses a certain determination in his own right and serves as a leader to the team. I love being able to play different and intriguing characters and only hope to continue to do so.

3. Would you say you relate to your character, Chris? Why or why not?
I would say so. We both share a certain determination and desire to achieve while upholding good values. At least I’d like to think that about myself.

alexander ludwig

4. Did you have any interest in football when you were younger? If not, what was your sport of choice (other than Cato’s sword-slashing)?
Interest? Yes, but I never played it myself. I was a freestyle skier and hockey player mostly.

5. When you aren’t scoring touchdowns or running from Tracker Jackers, you’re pretty active in the fashion world. Tell us about your latest ventures with the big-time jewelry designer Bulgari as well as your work with the athletic line RYU (Respect Your Universe).
I’ve always loved being as multi-faceted as I possibly can so being involved with both of these companies that I believe in was excellent for satisfying my love for entrepreneurship. Bulgari does excellent charitable work as well so I felt it was a great fit for me in all aspects. RYU is such a cool brand and is only growing. It started out of my home town so there is a sentiment to it for me. They are very environmentally conscious when they make the clothes and it looks and feels amazing so again, I was beyond flattered and excited when they expressed interest in getting involved with me.

6. Somehow, on top of all of your achievements, you’re also studying acting and entrepreneurship at the University of Southern California! What’s some advice you have for other students trying to balance it all?
Haha, I had to take a break from school while filming but that was always my plan and I do intend on getting my degree. My advice for students is: knowledge is empowering, always to continue to learn but most importantly make sure you love what you are doing and studying because if that is the case you have already succeeded.