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From changes in diet to off-the-wall DIY solutions, chances are you’ve done something unconventional to combat acne. But have you done your research? With some help from the experts we’re debunking and confirming some of those crazy claims, so listen up to make sure you’re on the right track to clear skin!

1. Does sweating create acne? Technically no. Sweat glands are not the same as oil pores, which get clogged and cause acne. However acne mechanica, a result of heat, friction and covered skin is common for athletes who wear helmets or tight-fitting clothes. Bottom line: shed that sweaty workout gear and hop in the shower asap!

2. Does eating junk food cause breakouts? Let’s narrow this down! Foods with a high-glycemic level (so not all junk food — but specifically processed foods and sugary drinks) may be responsible for triggering a particular hormone that leads to oil production.

3. Does washing my face often prevent breakouts? Actually, over-washing may dry your skin out, causing it to produce more oil to overcompensate — we recommend twice a day!

4. Is sunshine the solution for clear skin? No. Everyone loves sun-kissed cheeks, but the color only camoflauges. Make sure you grab the oil-free sunscreen!

5. Does toothpaste really work as spot treatment? Remember this: toothpaste is not made for your skin. Stick to acne treatments with ingredients like salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide to ensure that your skin is properly cared for!