nye 2

Laying low this New Year’s Eve? No prob. Glitz and glam are pretty and being in the spotlight is exciting, but everyone knows that a simple night in is oftentimes just what you need to recharge for the new year. We’ve rounded up some super-fun and totally non-intimidating ways to take the pressure off and ring in the new year right!

1. Movie Marathon: Fort Style

Gather all the sheets and blankets—this tent is going to outdo all of your childhood  creations. Make a pallet on the floor complete with as many pillows as you can fit, and make sure the TV is front and center. Just remember to leave enough room for you and your besties! Pop the popcorn, cut the lights and let the marathon begin. Just be sure to set an alarm so that you don’t miss the big ball drop!

2. Baking Party

Think Taylor Swift squad party. It’s no secret that she and her girls love a low-key night of baking delicious treats, complete with a little spatula mic singing, and there’s no reason you can’t replicate that! Put your Pinterest board to good use and whip up those sweets creations you’ve been dreaming of. Make it the big shebang before your “2016 healthy eating resolution” kicks in. You’ve earned it!

3. Spa Night

Good news— this one can be a solo event or an all-out girls’ night. We’re talking mani/pedis, facials, hair treatments… the whole nine yards. Whether you decide to turn up your favorite playlist, snuggle up in a robe and pamper yourself, or team up with the girls to make sure those manis are flawless, a spa night is the perfect way to rejuvenate for the new year.

4. Game Night

Channel your inner little kid and break out the board games that you used to dominate back in the day, or invest in a new one that no one’s had time to master yet. Just don’t forget to let everyone know ahead of time that you’re keeping score. Winner gets a special treat, plus bragging rights… until next year!

5. Resolution Planning

After all, there’s no better time to be productive than the present! Planning to start a new exercise routine for the new year? Want to volunteer somewhere regularly? Looking to land the perfect after school/weekend job? Use this night to chill and do your research so that you can hit the ground running. Gather your contacts, update that workout Pinterest board and get it all on a calendar! There’s no stopping you in 2016.