When Peter Pan and Tinkerbell: A Pirate’s Christmas came to the Pasadena Playhouse, we were some of the lucky ones who got to attend opening night, and it’s exactly what we needed to get in the holiday spirit. As if the anticipation of seeing some of our favorite TV actors wasn’t enough, the opening scene featured the stunning Sabrina Carpenter and Chrissie Fit singing a ballad together, followed by snow falling from the ceiling! Let’s just say our excitement level had already skyrocketed, and that was just the beginning.

You saw our sneak peek preview of the cast’s rehearsal recently, so it’s no secret that we were especially looking forward to hearing the vocals from this all-star cast. And they did not disappoint! Because of the show’s British Panto-style, there were modern twists around every corner. The audience got a good laugh out of Tinker Bell (Chrissie Fit) during her song and dance number to T. Swift’s “Shake It Off,”  and Mr. Smee (Parvesh Cheena) and Captain Hook (John O’Hurley) got even more laughs with their funny banter about Lady Gaga! Oh, and did we mention that the Lost Boys danced to One Direction on hover boards? Yeah. That happened.

To us, the night was magical thanks to the gorgeous sets, perfect lighting, talented actors, and fun song and dance, but it did make us wonder….was the cast as relaxed as we were? After years of being in front of the lights and cameras, would stage fright get the best of them? We chatted with the stars before the show and got the scoop!

We can only hope you’re lucky enough to catch the show for yourself, but if not, let’s just hope it’s on film somewhere! For more on the show and ticket info, click here.