It’s hard to believe that Madison Pettis’s reign as Justine cover girl is coming to a close! We’re checking how much you’ve learned and wrapping up any loose ends quiz-style! So, how well do YOU know Madison? Watch the video to hear the answers straight from the source. Remember to keep track of how many you get right and check your results below!

1-3 Correct: Uh oh, sounds like you might want to brush up on your knowledge! We suggest starting with Madison’s first big-screen appearance, The Game Plan, tuning in for a Monday night football game or two to channel her love for the NFL, and following up with exclusive content in our Oct/Nov issue and scattered throughout our website. Basically, what we’re saying is, it’s not too late!

4-7 Correct: Ok, so maybe you haven’t changed your Twitter handle and created a fan account, and maybe you don’t have updates sent to your phone, but you’re not in the dark either! You know more than a thing or two about our cover girl, but snag our Oct/Nov issue (if you haven’t already) and read our interview to fill in the gaps!

8-10 Correct: It’s official. You’re mad for Madison! There’s not a whole lot you don’t know about our cover girl, even when it comes to her favorite dance move! (Seriously, how did you know that?) We can’t blame you, though… our love for this John-Green-reading, donut-consuming, Instagram-obsessed babe is only growing!