The closer we get to the end of another semester, the more crucial even the smallest breaks become. Weekends are great, but three-day weekends are even sweeter, and spring break is practically a dream. Whether you’re anticipating this long weekend or you’re still on the countdown to spring break, chances are you can totally relate to one of these stages of time off!

1. The Waiting Game

You can hardly remember anything you’ve learned all week and, to be completely honest, you don’t really even care, because #holidayweekend.

2. Event Planner

You and your girls have planned every second of this break, all the way down to what you’ll be wearing for each hangout. The group texts are going strong and you’ve literally never used the “dancing girls” emoji so much in your entire life.

3. Freedom

The final bell has rung, and you’re free at last! Maybe you have plans as soon as school’s out, or maybe you don’t. The point is, you could if you wanted to and that’s all that matters right now.

4. Lookin’ Good, Feelin’ Great

You had almost forgotten how good you could look, until given a chance to shower and follow your favorite YouTube beauty tutorials on your own time. Selfie game is gonna be strong for BFF night.

5. Never Getting Out of Bed

Last night was fun, but then you laid in bed for five minutes too long and now you officially can’t get up. Change of plans…maybe you’ll invite the party to you this time.

6. The Crash

Whether you packed your break tight or you spoiled yourself with your favorite books and Netflix series, the crash is inevitable. It’s Sunday night, and somehow the thought of school in the morning is just too much.

7. Denial

In fact, maybe you’ll just stick it to the man and extend break on your own. (Ok, maybe not…)


But don’t worry, the ultimate break from school is just that much closer now. You’ve got this! Sweet summertime will be here before you know it…