6 Gift Ideas for Men

We totally get the shopping conundrum, especially because it’s that time of the year again, where cupid hearts go wild for Valentine’s. Manic moments of trepidation of “what to get him?” and “what not to get him?” are coming out in the most nightmarish ways.

A completely different species, men are from Mars. And unlike the ladies, they can be difficult to please. So, you might want to think out of the box, to appease their mercurial taste.

Men’s hats

Men’s general fashion style is to wear a hat. Why hats? It’s their definitive fixture plus it makes them look cool, so leave them be.

If he’s a hat enthusiast, there’s a wide option in the cap market today. One that particularly stands out is the iconic men’s dress hats, a classic favorite, and a state-making accessory.

1. Fedora

An original mainstay in the hat market, let him be unique and suave with this 1800’ inspired accessory that became a staple for celebrities in the 1920s. The most known specification of a fedora is its indented crown and soft brim. With its masculine undertone, your guy can keep his smart-casual look. 

2. Pork Pie 

 A close relative to the fedora, it’s round with a turned-up brim with a pinched and creased shorter crown. Popularized recently with the cult series Breaking Bad, it’s a sort of add-on that a hipster dude will likely sport. 

3. Panama Boater 

A brim straw hat distinct for its lightly colored look and weaving magic to protect you from the blazing sun. It’s the perfect summer hat to spice up his manly closet. The best thing about this tropical hat, it can be worn with almost anything. 

What better way to rock these trendsetting pieces than carting them from your go-to American-made hat stores—find your gift ideas in quality and style.

For men who may or may not share your love for skin-care products

Excuse me, dolling up is not just women’s business, it’s for the guys too. Past the knight-in-shining-armor façade, these boys need pampering just like the rest of us. So, don’t get intimidated, your guy might not pass on a skin regime as you expected.

Spoil them with head-to-toe grooming gifts, and help them maintain healthy skin.

1. Face Sunscreen

Since guys love being outdoors so much, face sunscreen is a very much-needed gear to keep them protected from too much sun exposure. 

Aside from sunburn, it also helps with clearing blemishes and improving skin texture. Technically becoming a must-have for guys nowadays, trust us, he wouldn’t mind leaving a space in his adventure pack for your grooming present.

2. Shaving Supply

A no-brainer, shaving is a deal-breaker for guys skincare. From shave-scream, toner to pre-shave treatment, you can up his mundane shaving experience by indulging him with a package of essential shaving supplies.    

The best skincare products for men are just right in the corner. Now, these might seem alien and uncomfortable for the male population but one they might secretly like.

Final Thoughts

When a person means so much to you, finding the right gift for them is a thought-provoking escapade. 

Some gifts are instant while some presents take time to create. Regardless, the sincerity as well as the humor that well along with it, deserve its own clad of appreciation.

Anyhow, time itself is a gift. A well-spent time with a loved one is a priceless endeavor and one that sticks to the heart.

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